Men's Football Kits

Replacing a football kit for an amateur and professional Team can be a costly business. Unless the football club has a generous sponsor, it’s hard to find funds to constantly replace a team’s kit. A basic men’s football kit consists of a shirt, which should be supplied with shorts and socks and should come in various sizes, styles and colour combinations. Different positions within the football team mean when the time comes to buying replacement kits, different kits must be ordered to include positions like that for goalkeeper and striker. At Toga Sports we do not have a minimum order so you can just replace the football kits you need. Another consideration is that men’s football kits often have to be replaced in a hurry. Star players transferred to other clubs and their replacement player needs a kit in their own size with their name and number clearly displayed on the shirt before the next match. As a supplier of men’s football kits we stock a large range of possible colour combinations, styles and sizes and are able to replace the kit within a short time frame. At just £10 per player per football kit Toga Sports offer a good quality but affordable football kit for your football team.
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