6 A Side Football Kits

At Toga Sports, we offer the finest in quality 6 a side football kits for the lowest possible prices. It is reasons like this as to why we have such an extensive customer base because our attractive and great quality 6 a side football kits do not come with a large price tag.

Our quality 6 a side kits are extremely durable and have been through rigorous testing to ensure that they will withstand harsh weather conditions as well as abuse from players, such as pulling or ripping, and general wear and tear. These are kits that will never let you down, not in appearance nor performance.

Our 6 a side football kits have been designed with the player in mind, as we understand you need to be able to move quickly, change direction and use a turn of speed to gain that extra yard. We provide many kit options and sizes with a variety of colour schemes and styles available. Offering a fantastic embroidery and printing service allows you to personalise your football kits with your club logo, sponsor and player names and numbers. You can purchase a full kit, which includes a shirt, shorts and socks for just £9.99! This is incredible value and hard to beat for the quality of the garments.

All 6 a side football kits are delivered to the highest quality. At Toga Sports we can also accommodate lower prices on bulk buys with our bundle offers and pride our company on being flexible for your wishes and requests.

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